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frequently asked property management questionsWill I sign a lease?
Yes, you will sign a lease for the agreed term of occupancy. This is to protect you and properly explain the rental expectation.

Why are there different rates of sale tax?
Rates vary between cities and length of stay. In Mesa, if the stay is under 30 days, the tax rate would be the same as a hotel which is currently 14.27%. Stays longer than 30 days are taxed at just the City of Mesa rate which is currently 2.0%. Please check city, state, county rates as they may change with no notice.

Is my security deposit fully refundable?
Yes, based on the condition of the property when you depart. To receive a full refund, you must leave the property in the same condition as when you rented it. Any damages will be taken out of the security deposit.

If I have a maintenance issue, who do I call?
You can call a member of VHM & Realty for maintenance issues at 480-659-8814. Please call during normal office hours unless it is an emergency.

If I lease my fully furnished home, would it be available for my family when it is not occupied?
Yes, it could be available. However, you must agree to consult with your property manager prior to making plans to verify that no arrangements have been made for the time frame.

What if I find a tenant for my property? Do I still owe a management fee to VHM & Realty?
Yes, you still owe the management fee for any rentals during the management agreement time frame.

Where can I view your privacy for using the VHM & Realty site?
You can view our privacy page clicking here.


Will I sign a lease?
Why are there different rates of sales tax?
Is my security deposit fully refundable?




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